Welcome to Beyond Breed

A non-profit corporation supporting the bond between people and pets

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Connection. Compassion. Community.

The bond between people and pets is universal. It stretches beyond socioeconomic backgrounds, breeds, or personal beliefs. We support this bond by sharing resources and information with pet owners and with the community at large.

Did You Know....

Beyond Breed is run entirely by volunteers with experience in animal welfare, social work, and community organizing. We do not take a salary or receive compensation for our work.

You Can Help....

We rely on donations to assist pet owners in need. You can help by making a financial contribution, sending an item from our "wish list," or volunteering your time.

Ruff Riders Project

Our Ruff Riders project supports Brooklyn pet owners who need help accessing veterinary care, pet food, and other pet-related resources due to income, age, disability, or other barriers.


We offer educational seminars, research, and consulting services to help organizations support the bond between people and pets in their own communities.

Dogs of New York

Dogs of New York is a social media/photography project that celebrates the bond between New York City pet owners and their dogs.

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