Moving Beyond Breed

Moving Beyond Breed: HSUS ExpoOn May 11, 2013, I presented a workshop at HSUS Expo titled, “Moving Beyond Breed.”

My co-presenters were Stephanie Shain (Chief Operating Officer of the Washington Humane Society) and Mark Kumpf ( Director of the Animal Resource Center in Dayton, Ohio), with support from KC Theisen, Director of Pet Care Issues for HSUS.

Workshop Summary: “Why do some people believe that breed-specific policies are needed in shelters? Is messaging from the animal protection community effective, or is it causing a backlash? Is talking about dogs primarily in terms of breed helpful to animal welfare goals, or are we unwittingly reinforcing stereotypes and preventing successful adoption matches? Hear from groups that have taken a fresh look at their own programs, and learn how to be more effective in communicating about adoptions and outreach.”

Here’s the link to my presentation (1 hour, 13 minutes), including audio and slides:

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