Ruff Riders: 2spotz and Friends

LachaePlease welcome Lachae and her pets to our Ruff Riders family! The dogs are named Figgy, Captain (aka “Cappy Wappy”), 2spotz, and Target. The cats are named Blue and Newt. Lachae contacted us because she has been under-employed and struggling to make ends meet ever since she lost her job after Hurricane Sandy. Her pets are family though and they’ve been with her for years. The dogs all have food allergies, so they need to eat grain-free pet food — which can become expensive.

“I need help. I would hate to have to surrender my pets due to the fact that I can’t feed them,” Lachae said. “I am in desperate need of pet food assistance.”

Today our Ruff Riders project shared 115 pounds of grain-free dog food, 120 pounds of cat litter, and other supplies with Lachae and her crew. This work is made possible because of our generous donors and partners — including our friends at Antler Ridge Animal Sanctuary, Earth Rated, Purina, Squishy Face Studio, and Fit for a Pit.