Ruff Riders: Derek and the Dogs

DerekDogsThank you SO much to everyone who contributed to our Ruff Riders family members — Derek and his dogs Blue, Rose, Sheeba, Butch, and King.

Today Rose and Sheeba visited Brooklyn Cares Veterinary Hospital and Dental Clinic to figure out why they aren’t feeling well. We arranged for pet-friendly transportation since Derek — like most Brooklynites — doesn’t have a car and the dogs are too large to ride on public transportation.

The amazing Dr. Stephanie Liff and her team gave both dogs a full veterinary exam and performed diagnostic tests, including bloodwork and x-rays. Both pups went home with a care plan and medications.

The true cost for today came to $972.50 (though Brooklyn Cares gave us discount, which we appreciate). So we could really use your support — both for today and for their future care plans.

Can you make a donation to support Rose, Sheeba, and our growing Ruff Riders family here in Brooklyn?

Every donation helps us keep beloved family pets at home and out of the over-crowded animal shelter…..and each donation helps us welcome more people and pets into our Ruff Riders family.

To make a tax-deductible gift, please visit: