Ruff Riders: In Memory of Nana the Cat

07-03-15It’s a beautiful day here in Brooklyn, so we’re out delivering pet supplies to our Ruff Riders family members. Our friend Meredeth recently lost her beloved cat, Nana. Shortly after, she was telling her family about our Ruff Riders project. Meredeth’s Aunt IJ and her best friend Jenny made a generous donation to Ruff Riders, in memory of Meredeth’s cat Nana.

Thanks to this donation, today we are welcoming a new cat, Prince, and his family into our Ruff Riders project. Prince’s owner, Jenelle, works two jobs, but the high cost of rent in New York City means most of those pay checks goes toward housing — leaving very little money for other necessities.

Jenelle reached out to us for help with pet food and supplies. “My son is an only child,” she said. “He gets lonely and Prince is his companion. He loves that cat so much. But we struggle to afford cat food and litter.”

On behalf of all our Ruff Riders families, thank you for donating to our project so we can support the bond between people and pets — even when financial struggles make it difficult. Thank you, Aunt IJ and Jenny, for such a generous tribute to Nana.