Spread Love, It’s Valentine’s Day!

Are you a Parent? Teacher? Proud Aunt? Neighbor? Co-Worker? Romantic? We have Valentine’s Day cards that will make a BIG difference for New York City’s pet owners in need!

We’re selling these Valentine’s Day cards to raise money for the people and pets in our Ruff Riders project: https://beyondbreed.com/ruff-riders/

Front of the Valentine's


Back of the Valentine's Cards


This is a fundraiser, so we’re asking for a $15 donation per pack of 20 Valentine’s cards (that’s less than one dollar per card!). Shipping is FREE!

$15: 20 cards

$30: 40 cards

$45: 60 cards

You get the idea, eh?

Can you donate more? Sweet! We’ll be able to spread more love, thanks to you! (Hey, it costs $15 to vaccinate EACH pet in our Ruff Riders family, so we appreciate your support!)

Our Valentine’s Day cards are approximately 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide, and they’re printed in color on both sides. We ship in packs of 20.

READY TO ORDER? Please visit: https://beyondbreed.com/donate/

CLICK ON THE YELLOW “DONATE” BUTTON” and enter your donation amount ($15 for 20 cards; $30 for 40 cards, $45 for 60 cards). We’ll send you a confirmation email after you place an order.

Thank you for spreading the love! SWOON!!!

PS: Thank you VERY much to Amy Cappelli for designing the dog graphic of “Pug and Bug.” How great is Amy? She also volunteers with the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter! Thanks, Amy!

Need that link again? To order: https://beyondbreed.com/donate/

Questions? Email: kim@beyondbreed.com


Valentine Cards