Ruff Riders: “I Can’t Afford NOT to Have a Dog”

Some beautiful words about Beyond Breed‘s Ruff Riders project, from one of our supporters:

I Can't Afford Not To Have A Dog“I’ve been thinking a lot about your work after my dog’s recent bad reaction to a medical procedure that required spending two nights at the emergency animal hospital. The bill was equal to 4 months’ worth of my disability income or the total additional income I generate dog-sitting per year. My parents were able to pay it, but it’s exactly the kind of situation you deal with all the time and if life were ever-so-slightly different, that bill would be on my credit card right now and I’d need years, maybe, to pay it off.”

“Some say that people who can’t afford dogs shouldn’t have them, and while I do believe you should live within your means whenever possible, I can’t afford NOT to have a dog. A dog creates a social and mental health safety net for me in so many different ways. When my dearly loved dog passes away, I will get another one. A dog is not optional. I want to thank you so much for understanding that we all deserve to know the love of a pet and none more so than the most vulnerable members of society: the sick, the impoverished, the elderly, the disabled.”

“To say everyone deserves to have a dog is to say that everyone is deserving of love because what is a dog, if not love on four legs? Keep spreading the word–you’re doing great work in the world.”

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