Ruff Riders: Jenelle, JJ, and Prince

Jenelle_JJ_PrincePlease welcome Jenell, her son JJ, and his cat Prince to our Ruff Riders family! JJ’s mom reached out for help, so we delivered cat food, cat litter, and other supplies to their house last weekend.

JJ is an only child and Prince is his best friend. These two have a special bond and it was beautiful to see them interact. We’re glad to support this family so Prince can stay at home with his family, instead of having to be surrendered to an animal shelter due to the cost of pet food and supplies.

Did you know that 70% of Brooklyn households are renters, and Brooklyn has one of the most expensive housing markets in the country? In order to afford a two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent in Brooklyn, you would need to earn $28.48/hour (or $59,240/year). However, the average renter in Brooklyn only makes $15.30/hour — and many earn much, much less. This is means that most of their income goes toward rent, leaving very little money for other necessities like food, utilities, health care, transportation, etc.

Not to mention, pet care expenses.

Did you know that JJ’s mom works two jobs, but both her paychecks have to go toward rent? They are one of many Brooklyn families who earn “too much” to qualify for public assistance or subsidized housing, but “too little” to actually make ends meet.

This is why your donations are so important. They help families like this — kids like JJ and his best friend Prince — who love their pets and want to keep them. They also help homeless animals by keeping beloved family pets out of animal shelters, freeing up space and resources for animals who truly have nowhere else to go.

Did you know that you can help? To make a tax-deductible donation, visit: On behalf of Jenelle, JJ, Prince, and all the families we serve: THANK YOU for helping us to “spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way!”